Ibiza Special Event Boats Charter

Ibiza Special Event Boats Charter have been known for a long time. Since, the use of classic boats for parties or events of any kind goes back many years.
These boats guarantee a classic experience for every occasion and make it possible to find a perfect place to hold a party in the middle of the sea.
Classic boats are those that have a safe and stable design to move people, those that unite the modern with the old, creating the perfect vintage for any occasion.
In spite of the years of construction that a boat may have, these are in constant improvement in quality of design and safety. Which has made them more stable and comfortable to be a perfect place for an event.
From cruise ships to the oldest ships were a place for high society festivities for many centuries. And although they are something of so many years of history, the tradition has continued and the rental of classic boats for events is much easier to find.
With its structure driven by large engines, the capacity of the boat will depend mainly on its size. Not to mention that these boats are not only used to move people or heavy loads, they are also the perfect place for an offshore event.

A party or an unforgettable trip through the most classic boats on the market.

It is quite common to know the fact that the best destinations at sea are surrounded by boats and what better way to enjoy them through a classic boat? With these boats you will have the necessary stability, capacity and safety.
You will be able to carry out all kinds of events on the sea and adapt them according to your taste and occasion. In this way, the quality of services inside and outside the boat is always guaranteed, so that the clients can enjoy their comfort.
Most of the classic boats that perform all kinds of events are yachts, so it is necessary to find a suitable yacht for each event.
However, if it is a classic yacht it is possible to find a yacht designed in Spain for royalty. This yacht has the most outstanding features of any classic boat because its structure is designed for the upper class.

Characteristics of the boat

Cabins with great design and comfort.

Length of 42 meters

Capacity of up to 152 people.

High quality stabilizers.

A motor yacht.

Comfortable and elegant design at the same time.

Sailing in a boat like this can be considered a luxury, even more so when it comes to carrying out an event on it. However, it is possible to find their services available for an approximate price of 2.000€ the trip. A price that is relatively affordable.

In addition, it is possible to choose the destination by which the trip will take place in this majestic yacht designed for the highest hierarchy. If you would like to get this boat chartered for a specific date, then go to https://barracudaibiza.com  and consult.

Nautical Seats

The boats must be equipped with a great variety of instruments, one of them is vital in case of emergencies or simply if you want to go for a ride in an area where the boat can not pass, are the inflatable boats, and for convenience you can incorporate nautical seats that can be taken anywhere you want. These nautical seats can also be placed in any other type of boat. You can find them in the nautical online shop, barcos.online, one of the largest in Europe.

Characteristics of nautical seats
The nautical seat for boats is very comfortable and comfortable, in addition that it is portable reason why you can take it with total comfort to where you want. The seat is also floating, so there is no danger of being exposed to water, is watertight and waterproof thanks to the fact that most has a gray polyester manufacture non-slip. They are reinforced to prevent breakage when in contact with rough or sharp surfaces.

All nautical seats, all sizes . You can find them on barcos.online. There you have a catalogue of more than 8000 products, including quality seats and the best brands, always with the best prices. For example, the GRP armchair with backrest and stowage 90x48x430 cm, is supplied complete with cushion, bolts, backrest. Ideal for riding on open boats. Semi-rigid boats, gliders etc.

Of any material
You will also find nautical seats of many other materials besides polyester, which offer much more mobility inside and outside the boat, such as the Aluminum Folding Chair Blue, Measures cm. 81 x 52 x 51 h, Weight kg 3.7. This is a folding nautical chair with aluminium structure and blue acrylic fabric reinforced.

Also more comfortable and luxurious seats such as the seat with white GRP stowage space (mm) 1000x440x420 h. Ideal for mounting on board semi-rigid, gliders and open boats. It can be used as an armchair for boats and also for storing all kinds of objects. There is a cushion as a complement.

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