Aqualung I770R a deep diver’s best friend

Aqualung I770r

Divers today have a wide range of options to help themselves and others during the dive which makes teamwork something to be reccommended, even though divers who decide to do a solo dive have support.
This is because in today’s equipment a diver has certain methods of support among which one of the most common is a dive computer, this usually serves divers as a pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass and other additional functions.
One of the most recommended by many is the Aqualung I770R which can be obtained in by a reasonable price, this model allows the divers to have a complete control of its immersion through a registry that is updated every 20 seconds.
A high quality model
The Aqualung I770R is known to be a high quality piece of equipment for divers who are looking for a better support because this equipment not only allows to take an accurate calculation of the amount of pressure in the tanks or the sea temperature, next to this the menu is totally customizable.
The intuitive user interface allows greater flexibility when diving to good depths with a 3D compass available, this model comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which provides greater comfort, along with that the model has versatility in terms of data distribution.
Thanks to its design, this model has a Bluetooth transmitter which allows you to connect it with the App DiveLog to keep a perfect record of the dives made, along with this the computer has a wide range of acoustic and visual signals for warnings and precautions.
The best of Aqualung
The Aqualung I770R computer is a dive computer made to survive the passage of time thanks to a software update capability. This model has been designed to be used for a long time, this type of device has the advantage of being upgradeable and easy to manipulate.
Along with a heavy duty console this computer is perfect for those who want to dive with confidence, this makes many divers keep their dive computer and console on hand when diving to enjoy the unlimited depths.

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